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Continuous Delivery Pipeline

We provide a universal delivery pipeline process, independent of your CI/CD tool, cloud or behind-firewall infrastructure, or programming language of your application with the help of docker and our open-sourced build tool captain

Service Containerization

We help re-design and modernize existing legacy solutions to cluster of containers, or help design from scratch container-based microservices infrastructure. Design with health-checks, reactive healing and elastic scaling in mind.

Docker Workshops

We provide hands-on training on-site to the team focused either on development workflow or infrastructure aspects. The training can be from Docker basics to deployment on Production scale.

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Case Studies

We helped companies across the globe migrate to container solutions.


We help Onebox to migrate from a monolith application to a micro-service architecture decreasing the server costs by 30%.

By migrating the solutions to a microservice-oriented platform we greatly simplified configuration and shortened the time it takes to develop deploy and rollback. By porting the solutions to Docker containers we improved the consistency between the development, staging and production environments.

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We help Bpulse to deliver their solution on-cloud or on-premise environments and provided a highly-available architecture that can scale up and down on demand reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

By migrating the solution to containers and leveraging Kubernetes we fullfiled the following requirements of bpulse solution:

  • Hybrid environments
  • No Cloud Vendor lock-in
  • High Availability
  • Self Healing
  • Scaling
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We are always learning and improving. Some of the technologies we are experts at: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins

Authorized Service Partner

Need help to migrate to the cloud?

Google Cloud Platform Partner

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. Choose from computing, storage, and application services for your web, mobile, and backend solutions.

We help our clients migrate from monolithic to microservice solutions and enable them to migrate to the Cloud using Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform for automating deployment, operations, and scaling of containerized applications. Google Cloud Platform is the logical cloud environment for Kubernetes.

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We love to give back to the community!

Captain for Docker

Convert your Git workflow to Docker containers ready for Continuous Delivery. View on Github →

Tide for Kubernetes

Tide is an easy package manager for Kubernetes. View on Github →

Kubebot: Kubernetes + Slack

Kubebot is a Kubernetes chatbot for Slack. View on Github →

Open Source Software

We are true believers of Open Source Software and we use it in all our projects. We have 30+ projects released under Open Source's licenses. View on Github →

Docker Barcelona Meetup

Harbur is the organizer of the official Docker Meetup in Barcelona, Spain. We help with the organization and give back with our presentations and talks. Docker Barcelona Meetup →