3-Day Training Kubernetes Deep Dive


Attend a 3-day course about advanced topics of Kubernetes. You will learn how to design and operate Kubernetes clusters efficiently, how to integrate with crucial components such as Istio or Prometheus, and how to extend Kubernetes using operators and custom-metrics.

Why should you attend this training?

You already use containers and kubernetes on production but want to take advantage the most of the platform.

During this course you'll learn how to expose properly your services using Ingress controllers and how to configure them with TLS using let's encrypt. You'll learn how to integrate Kubernetes with an alert management such as Prometheus and with Service Mesh such as Istio. You'll learn how to organize your helm charts and how they can be combined with a CI/CD process. You'll learn how to do proper secret management and how stateful sets are working. You'll learn how to extend Kubernetes using operators and how you can write your own.


  • Introduction.
  • Section 1: Exposing services. Ingress controllers.
  • Section 2: Alert Manager.
  • Section 3: Using Helm with CI/CD, charts organization and dependencies.
  • Section 4: Service mesh - Istio.
  • Section 5: Autoscaling using custom metrics.
  • Section 6: Secret management.
  • Section 7: Stateful Sets.
  • Section 8: Operators.

Prerequisites & requirements

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Kubernetes concepts such as deployments, services, pods and how they work. No specific language knowlege is necessary, we'll interact with various languages (Go, Java) but the examples are self-descriptive and there is no need for any preparation. During the training, the attendees will perform various exercises (laboratories), they will need to have their laptop during the course. WiFi Internet connection is necessary during the training.


750€ per attendant (IVA included). The number of attendees per class may range between 6 to 16 but if your team is smaller just contact us and we'll see if we can collaborate. The duration of the training is two days, split in sessions of eight hours. Alternatively, traininng can be split to four sessions of four hours.

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